James Hurysz

A young guy called James Hurysz was born in New York City just after World War II ended. His parents were also born in the city. He was prepared for college by attending private schools in Western and Central New York. Jim then spent two years in the United States Army. Prior to joining the Department of Commerce, he worked for a number of significant industrial firms, providing Quality Assurance services related to data collection.

Former government employee James Hurysz currently works as a quality assurance consultant for numerous big industrial enterprises in the Northeast. Jim moved to Arlington County, where he has lived for many years, due to the decline in manufacturing in the Northeast. His QA consulting services, which included information QA, were supplied to industrial enterprises in the Southeast.

As a consequence, James Hurysz chose to run in the Democratic primary for the Arlington Board of Supervisors. After leaving the Democratic Party, he campaigned for Congress as an Independent in 2004 and 2006. (In the Commonwealth of Virginia, no party registration is necessary, and candidates often run for political office as Independents.) His campaign platform included calls for the United States to prevent Third World conflicts and to prepare for significant population growth in the twenty-first century.

After running for Congress, James Hurysz became more concerned about the deterioration of local quality of life as a consequence of increased urbanization. As a consequence of this encouragement, Jim decided to support persons running for local, state, and national office because they, too, were concerned about issues of quality of life. After Jim’s death, he continued to provide quality assurance (QA) services to industrial corporations while arguing for long-term social, economic, and environmental stability over expansionism.

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